About The Preemie Store

PRIVACY POLICY - we never sell or give away your email address. It will only be used to contact you about an order or occasionally to let you know about a sale or other event at The Preemie Store only! HISTORY The Preemie Store was started in 1985, when my 31 week preemie was under 2 years old. I started by sewing things to have available at Abbott Northwestern and Minneapolis Childrens Hospitals where we kept clothes for sale.

Later I expanded to have a small print catalog, got listed in a few books and some years later began buying from other manufacturers, ended up buying out two people who were going out of business and now have no time to sew, although I occasionally knit small hats. I've been on the internet since the early 1990's. My preemie daughter worked with me from 2005 to 2010 but now its just me again with occasional help from my husband.

Here is how we work... I research and order all the items, receive them at my home, photograph them for the store, add them to the website and move them to two storage facilities (unheated, unfortunately for me in winter).

Each day I print out a list of what I need for that day's shipping and go get the items. Some are kept in my home but most are at the storage facility.

Then the shipping is done in my home office.

Every day Fedex and USPS pick up packages from me in the early afternoon. I also handle returns, the website, accounting, taxes, customer service, etc, etc.... so please be patient with me! Here is my desk where all the website and emails happen...

So, you can see I am a very small business with a lot of inventory. Hopefully lots of good customer service but since its all me wearing many hats, I do occasionally get behind.... but I love what I'm doing and keep working to make it a better experience for you!