SHIPPING WITHIN THE US Flat rate shipping - using three methods.
1st Class (regular) Mail - $3.49 - 3-5 days depending on your location
Priority Mail - $5.00  - 2-3 days depending on your location
Express Mail - $20.00 - usually 1 day but 2 days for some depending on your location 

INTERNATIONAL - we ship to Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, most western European countries and others on request. If you do not see a shipping method when you enter your country, just ask. - pat@preemie.com

We ship daily Monday through Friday with a cut off about 10AM (central time) that morning. If we are on vacation or not shipping, it will be posted at the top of every page and on the view cart and checkout pages in bold red! 

 Please note we are a very small business but we try to keep to this shipping schedule!!

  Anything except items marked CLEARANCE is returnable for 30 days if it is unused and unwashed with any tags still attached. You must request the return within 30 days and it must arrive here within 45 days for me to be able to refund you. Authorized returns that are late will be issued store credit. Unauthorized returns will be refunded at 50% or not at all.
   If you are the purchaser, do to the return, sign into your account at www.preemie.com/myaccount.asp and click on the order with returns. Then click on New RMA (return authorization) to the right of the page. Once this is submitted you will receive an authorization.
  If it was a gift, contact me to arrange for a refund on the purchaser's card or store credit. Email me at pat@preemie.com and let me know what you want to return and the order number or purchaser's name.

Our Products and Pricing

     My mission is to get just what you need and want as quickly and economically as possible. At the same time, the clothes I choose have to meet my standards for quality workmanship, fabric, care and correct sizing. Not to mention being cute and sometimes trendy!   It is often a conflict. The only conclusion I can come to is to provide the best things I can find, even when they are more expensive and then not marking up so much as many places do. After finishing my 2012 income taxes, I can confirm that I am not overcharging - but I am just a little above breaking even. In other words, I did not pay a lot of taxes on income, there wasn't much income...

    Sometimes economy is more important than style, exact sizing, quality workmanship and I realize that. I am changing how I do things to try to help that also - less sales items, more that are always at a lower price - my "economy corner". 

 Pursuing discounted wholesale items will always be part of what I spend my time on - and you'll benefit by getting lower prices whether on my boutique items or my economy items. 


     Whew, manufacturers vary all over the board on preemie sizing - its worse than larger sizes even although newborn is also quite variable. I have seen them marked up to 5 pounds when two 5 pounders could fit in it together. And some that say up to 7 lbs and will not fit over 18 inches long - not too many 7 pounders are that short! So while I may indicate what the manufacturer calls a size, I will try to include my best ESTIMATE and in many cases will include some measurements as time allows.

Basically I divide things into 
Mini - a few things up to 2-2.5 lbs
Micro Preemie - up to 3-4 lbs
Preemie - about 3-5 or 6 lbs
Small newborn - 5-7 lbs