Our Products and Pricing

     My mission is to get just what you need and want as quickly and economically as possible. At the same time, the clothes I choose have to meet my standards for quality workmanship, fabric, care and correct sizing. Not to mention being cute and sometimes trendy!   It is often a conflict. The only conclusion I can come to is to provide the best things I can find, even when they are more expensive and then not marking up so much as many places do. After finishing my 2012 income taxes, I can confirm that I am not overcharging - but I am just a little above breaking even. In other words, I did not pay a lot of taxes on income, there wasn't much income...

    Sometimes economy is more important than style, exact sizing, quality workmanship and I realize that. I am changing how I do things to try to help that also - less sales items, more that are always at a lower price - my "economy corner". 

 Pursuing discounted wholesale items will always be part of what I spend my time on - and you'll benefit by getting lower prices whether on my boutique items or my economy items. 


     Whew, manufacturers vary all over the board on preemie sizing - its worse than larger sizes even although newborn is also quite variable. I have seen them marked up to 5 pounds when two 5 pounders could fit in it together. And some that say up to 7 lbs and will not fit over 18 inches long - not too many 7 pounders are that short! So while I may indicate what the manufacturer calls a size, I will try to include my best ESTIMATE and in many cases will include some measurements as time allows.

Basically I divide things into 
Mini - a few things up to 2-2.5 lbs
Micro Preemie - up to 3-4 lbs
Preemie - about 3-5 or 6 lbs
Small newborn - 5-7 lbs