• NICU Wear
    Clothing designed for easy use with IV's and respirators. Some open completely, at the shoulders or sides also for easiest dressing., others are just easy wear styles.
  • Shirts and Bodysuits
    For home or hospital - a big assortment of shirts and bodysuits - whether its the only clothes a baby in the isolette is wearing or a layer under footies and outfits. Sizes vary a little here too.
  • Footies and Sleeper
    Footies for all occasions - sleep, dress-up, everyday. This is a large category and covers everything from inexpensive basics to high fashion designer styles. You should find just what you need....
  • Gowns, Swaddles and Sleep Sacs
    If you prefer gowns for little ones - we have all sorts of styles, from simple knit gowns to fleece wearable blankets in tiny sizes. Remember wearable blankets - those sleeveless warm gowns shouldn't be so big that baby can slip inside the openings.
  • Pants, Leggings, Tights
    Pants of various shapes and style.... some with soft waistband, some footed, some with cuffs to roll up or down to extend how long they fit.
  • Dresses
    Even tiny girls need a dress now and then! Sizes vary here - some preemie sized dresses are larger and longer styled, others are short, more like a little topper with panties showing. There is everything from soft, more casual knits to fancy, lacy dresses.
  • Outfits and Separates
    Here I have included all two or more piece outfits, rompers and coveralls that are not footed, fancy footed outfits and dress outfits. Something here for all occasions and needs but they vary a lot from "going home" sets to sunsuits
  • Hats, Booties, Shoes, Mitts
    Here's the way to keep baby covered and warm from head to toe! Hats and booties in that smaller than newborn size they need. Even shoes come in preemie size. The size number is 00 and they fit up to about 3 inch feet. There are a variety of christening or dress type shoes and also casual shoes. Also - All the extras that had nowhere else to go - positioners, car seat inserts, etc
  • Outerwear and Sweaters
    The extra layer for cool or cold weather.