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Afrique Lion WubbaNub

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Soft and cuddly, it's unique style allows pacifier to remain close and will easily position to baby.

Recommended for ages infant (newborn to 6 months).

A great idea for a present topper.

- In a hurry and worried about remembering to bring the pacifier and the pacifier holder?
- The WubbaNub™ functions as one product !! Our innovative patented design permanently attaching the pacifier to the plush animal, prevents the pacifier from being lost, dropped or even forgotten!
- Just grab your WubbaNub™ and you are good to go… pacifier with holder!
- Carefully calculated weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub™ near baby's mouth whether lying on side or back and even a car seat, sling or stroller!
- Plush animal provides maximum comfort for babies and makes it easy for them to grasp and manipulate the pacifier themselves.
- Made with a Soothie™ pacifier, a latex free medical grade silicone pacifier.
- The WubbaNub™ and Soothie™ pacifiers are commonly distributed in many hospital, NICU and well-baby units, nationwide.
- Vibrant colors are stimulating and captivating.
- WubbaNub™ may be an asset in the development of hand-eye coordination.

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