Thank you for taking the time to visit us here at Preemie Store. We have been manufacturing and selling preemie clothes for over 20 years and understand the whirlwind that the unexpected delivery of an early baby brings. You have been thrown into a world of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and you probably didn't even know any of it even existed before your sweet little one decided to appear early. We know you have so many questions and we are hoping that you are able to find some answers here. Some of those questions could be, "What clothes can a preemie baby wear?" or "What can I do to Help?" These are excellent questions! It is our goal to help break down some of the options we offer parents, relatives, and friends of preemies that you could consider. We also address more questions on our Blog, for example, "The A-Z of the NICU" where we break down what all those new terms you are hearing mean. Another post explains the difference between Adjusted Age and Chronological Age.

We want you to know that we are here to help, if you have any questions email us at [email protected] or if our cute little faces are on the chat, ask away!

Our number one suggestions for you is our NICU Journal:

This unique journal is printed by Preemie Store and has been blessing parents for many years. The journal is an excellent idea because it gives parents a place to write down all those new things that Doctors, nurses, and other caregivers are throwing at them. There will be new terms, procedures, milestones, and so much more that will be new and the journal is a great place to write them down and be able to refer to at a later date.

Secondly, Milestone Cards are another great way to capture the many milestones this new baby will reach:

Preemie Milestone cards enable parents to capture critical milestones a premature baby achieves. Each card has a milestone specific to a premature baby’s unique journey: "My first kangaroo cuddle," "My first breastfeed," "No more CPAP for me," "My first bath." The back of each card includes space to write the date, age, weight, and gestation of the baby when they reached the milestone. Celebrating a preemie's progress is a psychological life for all involved!

Thirdly, a Gift Certificate is a wonderful idea if you are looking for a gift for the new parents. This way, they can shop when they know what size the baby will be when clothing is approved for wear. It will give them something to look forward to during the long days in the NICU.

Finally, we suggest preemie clothing and we have many options to provide you with just the right item your premature baby will need. We break down our clothing categories into two preemie sizes: Micro (1-3lbs) and Preemie (3-6lbs) plus some Newborn (5-8lbs). We do carry one brand, Perfectly Preemie, that offers an in-between size called Teeny (2-4lbs). This can be helpful if your little one falls in that middleweight category. At these tiny sizes, a pound or two can make a big difference in the fit. So if your shopping for a 2lb baby, the 2-4lb size will be just right while allowing for growth.

NICU-friendly styles are items that are designed especially with the NICU needs in mind. They will often have open shoulders, so dressing around monitors and leads will not be a problem. Some styles may not have these exact design features but will still be great NICU friendly styles. Sometimes it will depend on the medical needs of the premature baby and the staff's preferences. I recommend going with the NICU friendly for the first garments. This way, a parent can have the ability to dress their teeny preemie with ease. Here some great examples of NICU-Friendly garments.

This little shirt from Itty Bitty Baby works great for a beginning option:

These great Nic-Suits from Perfectly Preemie are two pieces that easily velcro around a baby.

We carry these wraps from both Itty Bitty Baby & Preemie-Yums. These are also a great beginning piece.
Sweet-Tee's don't have the open shoulders as the items above, but work great in the NICU by providing a simple dressing option and are super cute.

I wouldn't want to miss mentioning the cute little NICU friendly dresses we have for those sweet preemie girls. They also offer the same open shoulders and ease of dressing for the parents. They are available in both the Micro & Preemie sizes.

Itty Bitty Baby's Fit 'n Flare dresses have open shoulders and a simple front velcro.

From Perfectly Preemie we have the reversible IV-Dress that gives you two looks in one cute dress.

To begin shopping for NICU-Friendly garments, we have broken down some of these styles for you here.

Many times parents are unsure of what a specific hospital's requirements might be regarding preemie clothing. We suggest you first check with them, but as this customer so wonderfully shared:

"A while back I ordered many items from you for my 2lb 8.6oz 29 week old grandson. I wasn't sure the hospital allowed clothing from the outside. You called me and I had a really nice conversation with you about the possibility of sending them back. In the end, the NCU nurses at UVM hospital loved all of the clothes and told by daughter-in-law and son that they should get all the babies those outfits. Thank you for what you do. Brenda"
This list would not be complete without me suggesting little caps, mittens, and socks. We have many different caps from ones with cute sayings on them like "Rock Star," "Diva," "Heartbreaker" and many more, as well as in solid colors. The solid colors match up with the solid mittens and booties. Our number one selling preemie socks from Kushies come in a variety of colors and are loved by everyone who tries them. We have 63 reviews from parents that agree with us. Click here to see all the colors available.

I hope this little guide will help you in your selection process, we are offering you a discount code for 10% off your order. Please use BUY10 at checkout.

Thank you and Happy Shopping,

Cressie & Melissa