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Every Tiny Thing Preemie Milestone Cards

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Our adorable NICU Milestone Cards are the perfect way to celebrate your NICU baby's achievements!

This deck consists of 24 small double-sided cards (3.5" by 3.5") for a total of 48 milestones to capture, including:
  • Today I weigh (one for each of 2-7 pounds)
  • Today I am (one for each of 24-39) weeks
  • Today's My Due Date
  • First bath
  • First Bottle
  • First time breastfeeding
  • Dad's first holding
  • Mom's first holding
  • No More Feeding Tubes
  • First Full Feeding
  • I'm Going Home today
  • No more IV's
  • I'm off the Ventilator Today
  • Open Crib
  • My First Outfit
  • No More Phototherapy
  • I'm breathing on my own today
  • No more CPAP
  • I gained weight today
  • I love Kangaroo Care
  • I opened my eyes today
  • Today's a BIG day
  • I was very brave today
  • I had a special visitor today
  • 100 days in the NICU
  • I passed my carseat test
  • NICU Grad
  • My First Night at Home
isDurable playing-card quality ensures images are not see-through, and they're durable enough to last your entire NICU stay. Each deck shrink wrapped and secured in a light purple organza bag, making it easy to see your cards and keep them organized at your baby's bedside. 

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