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Finn the Panda
Finn the Panda

Finn the Panda

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We all know how difficult is it to leave your baby in the NICU, Michelle from Finn & Co, designed this cute little bear to help bridge the distance barrier between mother and baby when separated. The Finn bear provides parents the ability to make a one-minute recording as well as, carry parent's scent into the NICU on the little white heart that is attached to the bear.

We think this would be a great gift for new preemie parents.

Finn the Panda was developed to help comfort babies during hospital stays, as well as to foster the bond between the baby and their caregivers, even when they have to be apart.

It features:
  • Antimicrobial material to help prevent the spread of germs to the baby 
  • A washable heart-shaped scent patch that can be detached and worn then reattached to the bear 
  • A recording device that allows a song or comforting words of up to one minute to be played back once or on repeat 
  • Contrasting black and white colors that appeal to baby's early vision 
  • Made of 100% cashmere to be amazingly soft and cuddly
NOTE: Due to the size of this item, it only ships USPS Priority

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