We rarely know ahead of time that we will be having a premature baby. Commonly, premature birth occurs out of nowhere. You are excited and planning for a birth which you think is many days away. Preparing the nursery, buying clothing, looking forward to your baby shower and so many other things. Then all of a sudden you are in the hospital, dealing with unknown medical issues as well as a new teeny baby with all the NICU complications! This new NICU mother wrote this great article to help those who surround new preemie parents. With FIVE things to say to encourage new preemie parents. 

As the mother of a premature baby born at the edge of viability, I have heard all kinds of well-meaning comments. Many times, these well-meaning comments weren’t supportive or helpful at all. I know people weren’t trying to be insensitive when they said things like “Will he be normal?” or “Since he was so small your labor must have been easy!”

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say.

When a friend or family member said the “right thing” during our 93 days NICU stay, it was amazing. We felt supported and loved. Here are some examples of comments that made us feel better. We hope our experience can help you figure out the “right thing” to say to someone who is dealing with a medical crisis.

Dear Friends and Family,

Our baby is in the NICU. We should be celebrating right now, but we’re terrified. We need you. And we realize you probably have no idea what to do…

Here are five things to say to us while our baby is in NICU…

  1. Congratulations!
  2. I’m Going to Make You Dinner.
  3. I’m Thinking About You.
  4. Of Course I’ll Wash My Hands.
  5. This Must Be So Scary For You.
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