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My Early Arrival Preemie Baby Book

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My Early Arrival Baby Journal is similar in many ways to a traditional baby book. There are journaling pages and plenty of space to attach photos that mark the first twelve months of life. This book, however, also deals with the nuances of caring for premature infants. For example, there is a page to track the progress of a baby's daily weight as well as pages that document the first cuddling experience (e.g. Kangaroo care). Other pages celebrate a baby's move from a radiant warmer to an isolette, including graduating to an open crib. Parents can also record other milestone events, such as getting through oxygen therapy and phototherapy. In short, this book allows parents to more fully participate in the early stages of their baby's care while in the hospital, not just when they bring their newborn home. Altogether, there are 72 pages in the book and it is finished with a hardbound cover to withstand the rigors of regular use. One of the book's more attractive and compelling features is the use of beautiful, soothing illustrations throughout. A few sample pages are shown.

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