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NICU Dayz Spanish Milestone Calendar -Nuestro Pequeno

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Spanish translation of NICU Dayz milestone sticker calendar was developed just for preemies or babies staying in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). It includes three months of theme pages to journal and record information from baby's NICU stay, as well as three blank monthly calendars. Each calendar is undated, so you can start your calendar on the day your baby is born or any other day you wish. The calendar includes a sheet of 63 Preemie/NICU milestone stickers commemorating the special days in the NICU (i.e. on room air, first wearing clothes, first held by Mom or Dad, etc.). Each milestone sticker is 1” round, acid free and fits nicely into a day on the blank calendar. We understand that the time your baby spends in the NICU is a very emotional time. This is a way to remember those moments that are going by so quickly by building your own memory book or baby book of your baby's time in the NICU just by quickly jotting notes or using stickers in your calendar. This calendar also makes a great preemie baby gift!

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