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Octoprem Mint Softie
Octoprem Mint Softie

Octoprem Mint Softie

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With a soft, plush head and crochet tentacles, our Octoprem Softies provide a cute and cuddly companion for your little one. The crochet tentacles are thought to feel like an umbilical cord to a new baby, providing them with comfort and a sense of security. They have been known to be especially beneficial for premature babies, but all babies – premature, newborn and even older babies – love holding onto the tentacles as they are easy to grip and soft on their delicate hands.

Small babies are often looking for something to wrap their little fingers around, and our Octoprem Softies provide the perfect solution, especially when a human touch is not possible. The tentacles are easy to grip and soft on delicate little hands, making them a perfect first toy for premature and newborn babies.

Holding onto crocheted curls may prevent these babies from pulling on their wires and tubes, saving them from the unnecessary discomfort of having them reinserted.

Product details: 100% cotton exterior, 100% polyester stuffing. Tested to comply with ASTM F963-17. Suitable for all ages with supervision. Can be washed at up to 60°C.

As one mother shared with us: "The Octoprem is very soft and my baby does grab onto the tentacles. We prefer that to him grabbing onto the tubes. Sometimes you can put the body of the Octoprem on his belly giving the simulation of being held."


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