Five Non-Profits to Help Preemie Parents

As a Preemie parent, you certainly know the total uncertainty the whole experience can bring. So often a premature birth is not expected. Over the years I have read hundreds of stories of mother's who went into the Doctor's office to be told of a serious situation in regards to their pregnancy that required an immediate c-section or bedrest that resulted in delivering a premature baby. No matter how your little one decided to come early, it is a scary and difficult time for all involved. It is nice to know that there are organizations that have been formed over the years to help support preemie parents during this journey. Many of these non-profits started because of parents going through their own NICU journey and wanting to give back and help support other parents. We are highlighting five of these support groups on this blog post, there are many more, and we hope you can find some help with one of them.
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