Life lessons Learned in the NICU

I am sure many of you are either just glad you are done with this season of your life (NICU life) and really want to put it behind you or you are in the process of “getting through” the NICU journey and are holding on for dear life. However, I really do believe that sometimes the hardest things we go through teach us the most. Believe me, as much as I love the stretches of life when nothing "big" is going on, I do look back at the tough times and see how much I learned and grew during those times. I heard early on as a parent that taking your kids camping is really good for bonding as a family. This is due to the fact that often not everything goes just right, stressful situations develop and yet those will be the very things you talk and reminisce about later when they are grown! I have definitely found this to be true as some of the craziest times we had as a family are the things my kids talk about now. We seem to never mention or hardly think about the more "normal" times or when everything went just right. You are not hearing me say I wish for the challenging or difficult moments, those are the times I try to practice more gratitude even tho it is good to practice that all the time. I admit it is just easier when things are a bit smoother. It is at the times when things are more challenging we need to remind ourselves that these are learning moments and ask what can I learn from this?

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