Dear Hartley: A Mother's Micro-Preemie Birth Story

All of us here at Preemie Store love to see pictures of a little preemie in clothing, especially since it signals a significant milestone in their life. Nothing makes my day any brighter than when I am scrolling social media, and I come across a picture of a preemie wearing some of our clothing, or when a preemie parent shares some pictures with us. That is exactly how we first became aware of little Hartley; her Mom posted a photo of her in a Perfectly Preemie Gumdrop outfit. We have now come to love this little fighter and are so glad to follow her story on Instagram and see how well she is doing! I asked her Mom, Taylor, to share her birth story. It helps remind us again how blessed we are for great doctors and nurses that help these little fighters come out of the NICU winners!
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